Frequently asked Questions 

How do I know a Vision Quest is for me? 

The call for a Vision Quest comes to people of all walks and backgrounds of life. Young and old alike at all stages of physical ability can participate.

Are you facing a deep transition or crisis?

Are you a seeker of a deeper connection to the Creator?

Is it time for you to move on from the past?

Are you seeking the space, time or ability in your everyday life to tend to your emotional and spiritual needs?


Then the ceremony of the Vision Quest might be your hearts call to enter into the sacredness of time and space to commune with yourself and spirit. To connect with nature, seeking healing, inspiration, clarity and guidance.

Will I survive not eating for three/four days?


Yes! The body has the ability to survive many days without food.

Fasting is a well known practice. It gives the digestive system a rest. 3 or 4 days of fasting is a reboot for the immune system and assists to detox the body. It enhances emotional and mental clarity.

I have a fear of snakes!


This question can entail a fear of other insects, the dark, being on my own, too much sun, being in a group and so forth. Please respect your fears and it is part of the preparation for the Vision Quest. Feeling fear is an opportunity for reflection and examination of the fear. We are very mindful of your fear and will assist you to understand the underlying concern.

Is a Vision Quest safe? 


The utmost care and consideration is given to you before your solo time and all concerns are addressed and prepared for. A handbook and instruction for desert safety are given and all questions regarding safety during the solo time will be discussed. 

Individual health and/or medication etc will be discussed in the lead up to the quest and treated confidentially. This is your journey and we provide a safe and purposeful space so you can discover deeper truth and insights.

I have a food allergy or special dietary requirements! 

Delicious vegetarian meals will be served. Other personalised dietary requirements can be discussed.