The Personal Journey of Evolution  

The Vision Quest is a commitment to your self and your unique expression of Self-love and Self-appreciation. It is a journey of the heart to meet your inner most self and to birth your inner sacredness.

The majestic Flinders Ranges provides the untainted scenery for you to explore your inner landscapes. Nature, as a reflection of you is mirroring your inner relationships through the wilderness.


Held by the earth, fasting, solitude and watched over by millions of stars you are weaving the new mythological story into the web of life and the tapestry of your being. 

Questers come from all walks of life and backgrounds. Seeking healing for trauma from childhood and life experiences, relationship endings, loss of loved once, healing grief,   reconnecting to nature, overcoming addictions and  navigating crossroads and thresholds of life.  

Vision Questing is the discovery and trusting of your inner knowledge, returning to inner peace, clarity purpose and fulfillment. It is designed so you can find your own edge and explore it. 

The wisdom received and the skins shed are integrated through sacred ceremonies, witnessed and welcomed into the world. Your new vision and gifts are available and present after you re-enter the everyday world. 

Vision Quest Oct 2012 087.JPG