Vision Quest - Rite of passage

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For many older cultures and traditions, spending time alone in isolated places, deserts or 'wildernesses'...fasting, reflecting, meditating or praying was an accepted form of self discovery , initiation, guidance, conjuring, or calling to Spirit. 


A vision quest is a time of entering and honouring the sacred dimension of life. An opportunity for paying attention to all - the breath, the sound of the heartbeat, the very detail of creation and the quiet voice inside that seldom gets heard or heeded.

On the three or four day solo time you have the opportunity to sit in the centre of your wheel of life, ready and with a willingness to listen to the voice of spirit, crying for and calling in a new vision. Your journey has brought you to the moment of communion with the Great Mystery and finding your human place in the Great Circle.

On the vision quest you spend nine days and eight nights in the wilderness surrounded by the majestic mountains. The expanse of nature allows you to move from separation to participation in the Sacred Hoop and being touched by the many surprising signs of life in the desert. The winds, at times gentle and playful or being unrelentingly, in time you hear it's songs and whispers.

Challenges, boredom, confusion, fear and loneliness can arise and fasting can lead you to the emotional and spiritual edge. 

It's a journey into the unknown towards trust, to regain your body-wisdom that is your birthright. Returning to the world of jobs, family and technology, you are ready to engage, walking the vision that you earned as the contribution to your wholeness.


Ten day journey into the desert includes:
Clarification of intentions

medicine teachings

solo time

dancing, singing

sharing of ceremony

evolution of personal life myths